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About me....


I am Carol.....Mother to 4 wonderful grown children and 8 fabulous grandchildren. I love to sew,  it has taken over my quilting days. I learned to sew in high school and always enjoyed making for my children when they were little.      After retiring as a children's dance instructor, came quilting and not too long after came "The Grand Children".        

 Sherbet Baby evolved from sewing for my beautiful special angels.     I have been blessed with God's gift of allowing me to follow my dreams and inspirations.

Everything you will see in Sherbet Baby Boutique is uniquely handmade by myself.  I have no factories or other seamstresses and no imported items in my catalogue, therefore please understand the time value when placing an order.   The "ready to ship" items vary daily  depending on sales/orders so please check often.

I give great credit to my family and especially my husband, Steve, for all the patience and time he allows me to do the things I love to do.  Steve also is my daily  "packaging" and "mailing" hero - without him this would not be possible. 


Sherbet Baby Boutique was born October, 2008.